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FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro

34,99 £
The Temp Trainer Pro from FINIS is an audible metronome pacing device that can be used by swimmers to set a pace for their swim stroke and eliminate lulls in their swim. This small, lightweight Tempo Trainer fits easily...
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FINIS 3X300 Memory Stopwatch

44,98 £
Swimming stopwatch from FINIS with three-line display for running, cumulative, and split times - a great tool for swim training to monitor your performance. Please note this is 1 stopwatch that allows 300 count backs and...
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FINIS 3X100 Memory Stopwatch

42,79 £
This swim stopwatch from FINIS is great for recording your times during swim training sessions and has a three-line display for running, cumulative and split times. Features 100 memory stopwatch 100 dual split memory...
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